We have compiled some of the best resources to answer any questions you may have in regards to staying safe online:


Myths Vs Facts about the Internet.

This page dispels some of the myths surrounding the internet.


​I keep hearing about parental controls, but what are they?

Here you will find help about how to control your home internet usage


I want my child to be able to use Google, but some of the results are inappropriate what can I do?

Google is a valuable tool but some of the results are not appropriate for children, as a grown up you simply skim over these but what about as a child?


But what about YouTube?

Youtube is another amazingly useful tool for education, but again some of the results are not appropriate, here's how to help with that issue.


Internet use for children with autism or learning disabilities

​The internet for autistic children or children with learning disabilities brings up another set of issues, hopefully this page will help you with those.


BBC Own It 

'A place to help you boss your life online'


Think You Know 

Online safety advice, aimed at all audiences and ages



CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) are a police agency setup to keep children safe online, they should be your first port of call when you are concerned for your childs safety online.



Share Aware, help your kids stay safe online


Kent County Council 

E-Safety Leaflet from Kent Country Council


Find our E-Safety Policy on our School Policies Page